3 Things Make Your Website Slow

Backend Processing

The backend processing of a request causes processing time and slows down the delivery.

Network Delays

The request and each individual resource of a website transfers over a network to the end device.


That back and forth between backend and client causes a high latency and slow page loads.

Speed Kit Optimizes End-To-End

1Offloaded Servers
Speed Kit is built to accelerate content and shopping websites without any changes to the backend servers. Instead of re-engineering your server, network, and frontend performance, Speed Kit hooks into the traffic and accelerates it from the user side. Think of Speed Kit as the layer on top of your shop system, CDNs, and load balancers that guarantees the best possible performance.
2Low Latency
3Fast Customer Experience

How the Technology Works

Automatic Optimizations

  • Lower server time (TTFB)
  • Automatic browser + CDN caching for everything
  • On-the-fly image optimization
  • GDPR-compliant by default
  • Accelerated personalization
  • 3rd party resource acceleration
  • Network stack tuning: TCP, TLS, HTTP/2
  • Resource prioritization & delaying
  • Offline experience: website becomes PWA

Being Average Is Not Enough

User expectations have changed dramatically. As attention spans are declining, fast market leaders set the expectations to a maximum.

carhartt-wip.com after Speed Kit

0.5 s

Top-100 E-Commerce Player

1.3 s

Typical E-Commerce Website

>2 s

Do It Yourself

The WordPress-Plugin makes installing Speed Kit a one-click experience.

The Plesk-Extension accelerates your Plesk domains. Dead simple.

Ready to Load Instantly?

Make your website load 1.5 to 3x faster, now.