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Speed Kit is the #1 website acceleration software for ecommerce brands.

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"After a long partnership, we still highly recommend the great service of Speed Kit."

Florian Bischoff, Chief Digital Officer

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"Speed Kit has been rolled out for 118 countries and achieved a 1.5x faster LCP overall."

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"Shorter loading times lead to improved business metrics including a sizeable increase in revenue."

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Frequently asked questions

We leave no question unanswered.

How does Speed Kit work and what is unique about it?

Speed Kit employs service workers and dynamic caching to accelerate website performance. It functions by sending parallel requests: one to the Speed Kit service for a cacheable, anonymous version of the page, and another to the origin backend for personalized content. The faster cached version usually loads first. The personalized content is merged as it arrives.

This approach, combined with advanced techniques like delaying JavaScript execution to prevent breakage, automatic cache synchronization, and browser caching strategies, ensures fast, up-to-date content delivery. Unique features include dynamic caching of personalized content, browser caching optimization, image optimization without quality loss, acceleration of third-party assets, predictive preloading, and speed analytics for performance measurement​​​​​​.

What is the difference between Speed Kit and a CDN?

While Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) primarily distribute static content from servers located closer to the user to minimize latency, Speed Kit extends beyond this by specifically targeting the acceleration of highly dynamic websites. This includes e-commerce sites that handle real-time product availability, dynamic pricing, and user-specific recommendations.

In these scenarios, a CDN can only deliver static assets efficiently and cannot cache dynamic HTML resources, making a slow origin response of the HTML inevitable. Speed Kit eliminates this bottleneck through its browser-based approach, enabling the caching and acceleration of HTML resources for highly dynamic websites.

Can Speed Kit accelerate dynamic sites with user-specific content?

Yes, Speed Kit can accelerate dynamic sites with user-specific content. With its unique browser-based approach, it leverages dynamic caching and sophisticated merging techniques to ensure personalized content is delivered quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing the personalization aspects of dynamic websites​​.

Can Speed Kit improve sites that are already fast?

Yes, Speed Kit can further improve sites that are already fast through its unique browser-based approach, that delivers additional uplift on top of an already optimized website. Speed Kit employs improved browser caching, delivery of dynamic HTMLs, and predictive preloading to enhance the performance of sites that are already considered fast​​. Countless studies show, that even just 0.1 seconds of improvement in site speed can yield a 1% increase in revenue.

Is Speed Kit compatible with my site or shop system?

Speed Kit is compatible with all sites and shop systems, as our technology is browser-based. It operates as a layer on top of existing infrastructure, meaning it can enhance performance without requiring changes to the frontend, to backend servers, to CDN setups, or other parts of the infrastructure.

How do I implement Speed Kit on my site?

Implementing Speed Kit involves adding a script tag to your HTML-template, uploading a service worker file to your root path, and whitelisting our static IP range for cache validation. This process usually doesn't take longer than two hours and is designed to be quick and straightforward, ensuring rapid integration and immediate performance improvements​​.

How does Speed Kit affect SEO and SEA?

Speed Kit improves the Core Web Vitals which are defined by Google as essential ranking factors for the search results. Speed Kit especially accelerates the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) to boost your site's visibility in the Google search results. In addition, site speed also affects the Quality Score that determines SEA costs. Therefore Speed Kit helps to reduce your SEA expenses as well.

Is Speed Kit fully GDPR-compliant?

Yes, Speed Kit is fully GDPR-compliant. We do not process any user-identifiable data except the IP address, which is hashed and anonymized as soon as it reaches us. Speed Kit uses subcontractors like AWS, Fastly, and HEX with GDPR-compliant setups and server locations in the European Union. Our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) describes all privacy details and is automatically part of the terms and conditions of Speed Kit.

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