Consistent Browser Caching

Deliver content faster than CDNs

By combining expiration-based browser caching within the user’s device with rigorous freshness guarantees, Speed Kit is able to serve data even faster than common CDN caches.

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"Shorter loading times lead to improved business metrics including a sizeable increase in revenue."

Florian Nagel, Head of Consumer Solutions


Load content instantly from the browser cache

Speed Kit utilizes the browser cache in the user device to deliver dynamic content faster to your users.


Utilize bloom filter based cache checks

Bloom filter based cache checks allow Speed Kit to cache dynamic content in the user browser without an API to purge it.


Update content globally within 100 milliseconds

A page of your website contains outdated content? Simply start a manual or recurring content update inside of your Speed Kit dashboard or use our purge API which invalidates browser caches as well.


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