Image Optimization

Deliver pixel-perfect images without quality loss

Elevate your site’s user experience with flawlessly optimized images, leveraging Speed Kit's innovative technology to strike the perfect balance between visual richness and rapid load times.

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"Speed Kit has been rolled out for 118 countries and achieved a 1.5x faster LCP overall."

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG)


Transcode all images to WebP on the edge

With an average of nearly 30% file size reduction and no discernable loss in quality, WebP is the go-to file format for any image-heavy website.


Deliver pixel-perfect images for each screen size

Speed Kit learns image sizes from real-user data and applies learned parameters in the service worker to get eagerly loaded, pixel-perfect images.


JPG and PNG compression with zero manual work

Speed Kit automatically optimizes the compression level of your images to reduce the total file and transfer size of your website.


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