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We are on a mission to build a web without loading times.

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Speed Kit Team

Bringing web performane research to practice


Doctoral thesis

Speed Kit CEO Dr. Felix Gessert explored the web performance impact of caching technologies during his doctoral thesis at the University of Hamburg.


Performance research

Our team received the renowned EXIST business startup grant from the German government to fund the complex and innovative web performance research.


Baqend launch

Before working on Speed Kit, our team launched a backend-as-a-service product called Baqend and further explored the business potential of caching technologies.


First employees

Our tech-driven company started to grow quickly by hiring talented computer science students and graduates from the University of Hamburg.


Speed Kit launch

With the release of the innovative browser technology called "service workers" in 2017, our company pivoted from a backend-as-a-service to a software-as-a-service for website acceleration.


Our impact

Speed Kit is the #1 website acceleration software in the world.


Accelerated websites

300+ million

Accelerated users

$10 billion

Accelerated annual revenue


Meet the crew

A passionate group of people that love fast websites.

Dr. Felix Gessert
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
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Florian Bücklers
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
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Hannes Kuhlmann
VP Engineering & Co-Founder
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Erik Witt
VP Product
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Stefan Puriss
Chief Marketing Officer
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Negin Amindarolzarbi
Marketing & Event Manager
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Jan Göhmann
UX Designer
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Denise Wimmer
People Manager
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Simon Head
Head of People
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Roozbeh Ghavipanjeh
IT Product Manager
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