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“An excellent product for our customers and a partnership based on short service lines and support.”

Lasse Klein, Co-Managing Director


Instant business and customer value

Speed Kit accelerates your customer website and revenue instantly.

Revenue share

Earn with us based on our highly scalable SaaS pricing model.

Customer satisfaction

Improve your customer’s user experience, SEO rank, and conversion rates.

Expert knowledge

Access our expertise based on rich web performance data and speed audits.

Insight share

Benefit from mutual strategic help regarding joint customers.


Collaborate on webinars, events, blog posts, case studies, and more.

Dedicated partner support

Our partner team helps with extensive onboarding and ongoing support.


Programs tailored to your business

Find the right partnership for your organization.

Agency Partner

Agency partner

Digital, web development, and SEO agencies that recommend Speed Kit to improve their clients’ page speed and core web vitals.

Alliance Partner

Alliance partner

Companies and organizations that want to advance the future of the web with strategic cooperations and thought leadership.

Technology Partner

Technology partner

Software, platform, and cloud providers that integrate Speed Kit to turbocharge their customers’ user experience.