We Are Baqend
Bringing performance research to practice.
Our team combines over 30 person-years of web performance research at University of Hamburg.
In 2014 novel technology for caching dynamic data went into Baqend.
In 2018 Speed Kit launched as a SaaS for e-commerce speed.
Our Mission
Baqend develops Speed Kit, a SaaS plugin solution to accelerate e-commerce websites by more than 50% within 2 days.

Baqend is a research spin-off from the University of Hamburg on the mission of building a web without loading times. The founders pioneered a novel approach to speed up the delivery of dynamic data. Speed Kit bundles years of this research in a plugin for large-scale e-commerce and brand websites, that is easily implemented by just a line of JavaScript code. Today, some of the leading European e-commerce players like Decathlon, Galeria, and BMW already rely on Speed Kit to improve their conversion rates, user experience, and SEO ranking. Since the product’s speed uplift is cleanly proven by statistically sound A/B-tests, Baqend is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in Germany.

Meet the Team
These people simply love fast websites.

Felix Gessert

CEO & Co-Founder

Florian Bücklers

CTO & Co-Founder

Hannes Kuhlmann

VP Engineering & Co-Founder

Erik Witt

VP Product

Kazi Mostafa Shahriar

Product Integration

Jannick Bock

Backend Developer

Tobias Meckel

Senior Business Manager

David Weihmann

Junior Performance Engineer


The Master of Speed

Syed Saif Hasan

Frontend Developer

Jörn Domnik

Team Lead Backend

Daniel Brandes

Frontend Developer

Jan Göhmann


Thies Wrage

Head of Business Development

Johann Rücker

Intern Data Analytics

Nicole Richter

Head of People

Kristian Sköld

Chief Strategy Officer


Head of Barketing

Stephan Succo

Data Engineering


Toy Durability Analyst

Ina Kiefl


Benjamin Wehner

Team Lead Product Integration


Junior Pawject Manager

Marian Schaub

Full-Stack Developer

Lars Lornsen

Business Development/Sales

Sven Decken

Team Lead Onboarding

Sophie Ferrlein

Data Scientist

Julian Schenkemeyer

Team Lead Frontend

Andreas Maier

Business Development/Sales

Henning Ulbrich

DevOps Engineer

Ewerton Azevedo

Junior Performance Engineer

Jean-Luc Christoph Dittler

Junior Frontend Developer

Paul Glosemeyer

Backend Developer

Daniel Schulz

Full-Stack Developer

Fadi Chalo

Business Development Manager

Marina Harpeng

Back Office Manager

Florian Zirkelbach

Customer Success Manager

Shari Saffran

Business Development/Sales

Theodor Bajusz

Performance Engineer

Jessica Preuss

Data Analytics

Felix Entrup

Data Engineering

Max Bohlen

Data Engineering

Bendte Wehner

Frontend Developer

Steffi Knapp

Business Development/Sales

Benjamin Wollmer

Research & Data Analysis

Tibor Braun

Business Development Manager

Sara Krieger-Bach

Finance & Office Management

Roozbeh Ghavipanjeh

Business Development/Sales

Otito Ukeje

Business Development

Dörte Naunin


Ben Deger


Dennis Schubert

Backend Developer

Mirko Köster

Team Lead Data Engineering

Maxim Malinin

Junior Data Analyst

Jonas Wolff

Junior Business Development Manager


Pawject Manager

Stefan Puriss

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Zenon Kohs

Business Development/Sales

Kevin Twesten

Team Lead Speed Kit

Marvin Janssen

Backend Developer

Denise Wimmer

People Manager

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