How the Interflora website loads 1.2x faster with Speed Kit

Published on
January 4, 2021
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Interflora is an international online florist who faces the challenges of ecommerce everyday. The worldwide customer connection requires a high web performance in order to cope with the many requests. Especially traffic peaks like valentines day or mothers day which requires special attention. On such days the highest sales are made and therefore it is absolutely essential to deliver a superb shopping experience.

"Our revenue stream is very seasonal. Performance needs to be outstanding in both lows and highs of traffic. Speed Kit was able to improve our website performance in Italy by delivering fast loading times, even under high demand."

Nicolas Pastorino, Group Chief Product & Technology Officer
Faster LCP
Faster TTFB
Faster CLS



Speed Kit is a plug and play approach to accelerating loading times of websites. It is based on PWA technology and innovative caching algorithms. One of the keys to success was the acceleration of the Time to First Byte. Improvements in this generally difficult to optimize metric, ensures that the responses are received faster and thus all subsequent actions, such as rendering the website, are executed earlier. This effect can be seen in all relevant user experience metrics.


Speed Kit was implemented and tested on the interflora.it website and the improvements can be verified in the Google Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX).

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP):

The plugin was launched in May and the Largest Contenful Paint (LCP) has improved from 65% to 75%. This metric is critical, as Google is using it as a ranking factor. Faster websites with a better LCP are ranking higher and increasing website traffic from organic search.


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