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Analyze speed metrics based on real-user data

Speed Kit's powerful speed analytics, fueled by real-user data and core web vitals, equips your team with the insights to optimize page speed metrics and craft a blazingly fast user experience.

"Speed Kit has delivered on its promise to reliably achieve best-in-class performance!"

Jeanine Schneider, Head of Digital

Monitor performance metrics like a pro
Speed Kit’s easy-to-use and fully customizable analytics dashboard gives you an overview of Core Web Vitals and time-based charts to help identify which changes to your website resulted in performance improvements.
Optimize your site based on data-driven insights
Advanced filters empower you to segment performance data by origin, device, browser, and page types, or to focus on a specific time span in your historical performance data for deeper insights.
Share essential performance KPIs with business owners
Make performance reports and insights accessible for your organization to democratize your performance data and build a performance culture.

Test your page speed against competitors